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Understanding Dropship Turnkey Adult Websites

rk-live-chat-porn-girls-sexs-al-animals-porn-sexs_1Selling sex toys or racy lingerie online is a great internet business. The products sell very well over the internet since the majority of customers favor their privacy when shopping for these items. But how does one get into the business without an enormous investment? The traditional method would require that you find a supplier, purchase tens of thousands of dollars in stock, store the items and then sell them through a physical shop or through the internet. If you decide to sell through the internet, youre also faced with acquiring and setting up e-commerce software, web hosting and payment processing. To say the least, this is a costly business operation and one that isnt suited for everyone. In this article we explore dropship turnkey adult websites as an alternative that can have you selling sex toys and lingerie at a fraction of the cost.

To start, lets get some terminology out of the way. What exactly is a turnkey adult website ? A turnkey website is a web-based business which includes everything that you need to get started. A good turnkey provider will include a domain name of your choice, a full-featured e-commerce website, pre-loaded content and products, fully managed web hosting and ongoing data maintenance and support. Most importantly, your new adult business will be fully setup and ready-to-go when you receive it. Not only can a turnkey solution simplify the technical start-up and ongoing operation of your business but it can also significantly reduce your overall costs.

While a turnkey adult website can help us reduce the technical and financial requirements for our adult business, it still doesnt solve the issue of product acquisition and storage and the associated costs. If you intend to sell sex toys or lingerie, youll need to find a reputable supplier of goods and youll need to purchase and store the stock. If youre at all familiar with the sex toy market, you know exactly how costly and difficult this can be with a product lineup in the tens of thousands of items. Even if you decide to focus on a niche, youll still need to put forth a reasonable investment as most suppliers are unwilling to offer wholesale rates at low quantities. Thankfully, there are wholesalers out there that offer dropshipping services which can help us eliminate the costly product acquisition and storage problem.

What exactly is dropshipping and how can it help us further reduce the operating cost of our turnkey adult website ? Dropshipping is a supply chain management technique in which a wholesaler provides their products to retailers on an as-needed basis at near wholesale prices. A wholesaler that offers a dropship program will ship products directly to your customers whenever you make a sale and theyll do so using your company name and information. As a retailer, youll benefit from not having to purchase and store stock in advance of orders which can save you thousands of dollars on a monthly basis. And because the wholesaler will make it appear as if the order was shipped directly from you, youll maintain repeat sales and your own customer base. The wholesaler benefits from added exposure to their products and a greater retail base marketing their items which creates a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Combining dropshipping with a turnkey adult website is the ultimate combo for a low-cost adult business. Youll reduce your overall capital investment on e-commerce technology through your turnkey website while your dropshipper saves you the cost of stock, storage and shipping. Additionally, youll benefit from turnkey technologies which are designed to simplify the technical requirements of your business which can help you focus more of your time on day-to-day operations. Your adult business doesnt have to be a difficult and costly venture if you pick the right business model.


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