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I am sure that my boyfriend and I used to have a much better sex life before we started to subscribe to Netflix.

When I come home from my shift with cheap London escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts, I like to chill out with a drink, but my boyfriend who works as a night club bouncer, likes to watch the TV. He loves to watch Netflix, and since he became addicted to Netflix, we are both too tired to have sex. It is rather crazy when you come to think about it.


Am I the only girl at cheap London escorts to make this observation? A couple of the girls at the agency are also complaining about Netflix and the effect which Netflix is having on their lives. To me, it is beginning to seem like a lot of guys are just as just as interested in watching re-runs of their favorite TV shows as they are in spending time with their girlfriends. Have I been replaced by the latest episode of Games of Thrones? It seems that way to me, and it is a little bit disheartening.


Not only that, but I read that binge watching TV shows is not only bad for your eyes, it is bad for your general physique. Before we had our fancy Internet TV my boyfriend spent a lot of time on the computer, but now he is forever watching his favorite shows “ binge style”. When I have the weekend off from cheap London escorts, he can spend all weekend in front of the TV binching on hos favorite shows. It really annoys me, and sometimes we do not end up going out anywhere at all. I am sure that a lot of other girls feel the same way about binge watching sofa bears.


Netflix is bad for you in another way as well. I think that Netflix is making us eat more. I know that it is not packed with adverts or anything like that, but at the same time, when we sit down in front of the TV, we don’t eat correctly. After I finished my shift with cheap London escorts early this Thursday, I decided to clean up the living room. To my surprise, I found about five empty crisp bags stuffed in the sofa an numerous chocolate bar wrappers. My boyfriend eats so much more junk food than he used to do, and that is yet another fault of Netflix.


All of this stuff really niggles me, but more than anything I am really annoyed that we have less sex. When did TV become such a big deal that it is more tempting than having sex? I am not sure what is going on with my generation. We seem to have become so lazy and hardly move our bodies. I love social contact and going down to the pub but when you work long hours for cheap London escorts, and have a sofa bear as a boyfriend, getting social is not that easy. Sometimes I feel like I should just get rid of the TV and chuck it in the river. After all, it flows past my living room.