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How to help your man to lose weight

Do men find it harder to lose weight than women? Men and weightloss do not exactly go hand in hand. In the last couple of years, I have dated an increasing number of men at London escorts who I can only call obese. The problem with obesity is becoming more and more serious. Both men and women are finding it very hard to control their weight. Why are we finding it so hard? Is it because the amount of food that we eat, or that we don’t exercise enough.


What do fascinating London escorts girls think? I asked around our escort service in London, and the girls all had rather varied opinions. First of all, a lot of men do have very bad drinking habits. Despite repeated government warnings, most men carry on drinking in excess. What you need to do know about drinking is that a pint does not only contain about 400 calories, it also contains a lot of sugar. That sugar if you do not burn it of will only sit around in your body, and eventually lead to weight gain.


Do men still not eat a healthy breakfast? Ask around and you will find that the majority of men still do not eat what I call a healthy breakfast. Before I start my London escorts shift, I will always make sure that I have a healthy breakfast. It will either consist of porridge or something else like scrambled eggs. The more senior gents I date at the escort agency in London are still hooked on their cooked breakfasts, and the younger ones may pop into a fast food restaurant like McDonalds. Neither are very healthy options.


What about exercise? Do men exercise enough? Once again I have to say that men don’t exercise enough. I think that most women are really good at exercising, but there are an awful lot of men who don’t exercise at all. The other day one of my London escorts regulars joked with me and said that he gets enough exercise getting in and out of his car. That is  not true at all. You really need to make sure that you get a lot more exercise than that. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise that you can do.


So, how do you help your man to lose weight?  You can’t force a man to eat healthy food and exercise. One of the best ways to encourage a man to lose weight is to make sure that you are active as well. Little by little change his diet and try to encourage him to drink less. Exercise is often the hardest thing to get a man to indulge in as I like to say. If your man is very overweight, you need to start of with simple things like walking. I tell many of my dates at London escorts do get walking. It is one of the best exercises that you can do, and you should try to do it at least a couple of times per day.