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The Risks of Having an Affair at Work

One of the men I have been dating at Kensington escorts for a while, has just confessed to me that he had an affair with a lady in work. I did not even know that he had the hots for a girl in his office. To be fair, I thought that I was the only woman in his life, but I guess that is not true after all. Never mind, you live and learn all of the time, and the things that we learn, can make life more interesting.

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Before I worked at Kensington escorts, I used to work in an office here in London. It was not the job for me, so I left to start escorting instead. With my long blond hair, sexy figure and slightly kinky nature, I was not really meant to work in an office anyway. However, that does not mean that I did not learn anything while I worked in the office. One of the things I learned, was that office affairs seldom work out.

Since I left, I have thought about all of the affairs that I saw around the office. I have my own personal theories why people have office affairs. First of all, they may be a little bit bored at work, and they like to spice up things up a little. Secondly, if you are not that happy in your home life, you may be looking for some attention from somebody else. Really an office affair is not that different from dating sexy girls from Kensington escorts services. That may not be the best thing to do if you are married.

You can actually end up getting a divorce if your partner finds out. Most husbands or wives are not happy to put up with affairs, and I have to say that no matter what the papers say, I think that there are more affairs going on than ever before. The problem for us girls here at Kensington escorts is that we really don’t know if a gent is married or not. You still get a lot of gents who are not too keen on wearing a wedding band, and it is kind of hard to tell.

Could you lose your job? It could be that the person who you are having the affair with is less interested in pursuing the relationship. In that case, it is vital to own up to that and break it off. If you don’t you may find that you will be excused of something as horrid as sexual harassment. It happened to one of the gents I used to date here at Kensington escorts. Now he is both divorced and jobless, and I have not seen him for ages. Perhaps it is better to keep your love life out of the office and find a sexy escort at Kensington escorts to call your part time love interest instead. In he long run, it could work out so much better for you, and you may not end up in divorce court.