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Experience London Escorts

Dating London escorts from is said to be a very special experience, and the Better Sex Guide decided to ask a few gents why they enjoy dating London escorts so much. The escorts business have recently really come on in the area, and even two elite escorts agencies have opened up. That normally means that escort services in the area
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Top Beauty Tips from Gatwick Escorts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and is important to us here at Gatwick escorts, says Maria who runs the agency. All of the girls who work for me are very beautiful but that does not mean that they don’t have to work at it. Most women presume that escorts do not have to do anything to
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Greenwich Escorts

Why do girls become escorts?

Why do some girls become escorts? The Better Sex Guide decided to speak to some hot ladies who have decided to become Greenwich escorts like We wanted to find out why they had decided to become escorts in London and if they are planning to make this a life long career choice. The girls that we spoke to are
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Porn stars and their manhoods

I am sure that most ladies have noticed that most male porn stars have huge penises. To some of us ladies they just look amazing and watching porn movies can seriously turn me on. At the moment I am a complete solo flyer so I often watch porn movies for my own personal pleasures. It is just so much better
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Real Boobs vs Implants

Did you know that Stansted escorts have better boobs than other escorts around the UK? According to a dating survey carried out by the Better Sex Guide, dates think that Stansted escorts have better boobs than any other escorts around the UK. It sounded quite interesting so we decided to investigate things a little bit more. According to the result
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